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Welcome to Free Paid Focus Groups. 

We offer paid focus groups, and paid research studies, free of charge.

We will never ask for your email, or a credit card to view and apply for our research studies.

Types of studies:

- Focus Group - In-person discussion with usually 4-12 people and a moderator.

- In-Home (or business) Research Study - usually 1-3 researchers come to your home or business to conduct the study.

- Online research studies - These are either an online focus group via chat, webcam, or other means, or a research study where participants answer questions left for them by a moderator.

- Phone Study - Participants are interviewed by phone.

The research studies listed here are conducted by known and reputable market research companies in the United States which have been vetted by us personally. We do not make the decision on who will participate in any given study. This is done by the market research companies, at the direction of their retail business clients who order and pay for the research study.

Market research companies (and their clients) pay in several ways. Usually, if you meet face to face with a moderator, such as in an in-person focus group, or in-home study, you will receive cash or a check that day.
Online and phone studies will usually pay by check, and the check will normally take at least 2 weeks to mail.

Exceptions: Some companies prefer to pay via pre-paid Visa card, or Amazon. The market research recruiter will let you know what payment type is being offered before inviting you to participate in a study. Again, you will be paid by the market research company, not us. Be sure to get their contact info when they call you, we will not have the information for you.